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“Pratik is great to work with. He thoroughly explains everything, is extremely knowledgeable, and makes the process straightforward and easy.”

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Selling Your House to Rework Cash Offers

We have an excellent reputation of keeping our word. That’s why we always make every offer with a sizeable initial deposit. If we don’t close, you keep the deposit!

No. It’s very difficult to calculate an offer without seeing the interior of a house. Each offer we make requires research and a full understanding of the property.
“But the other companies were able to give me an offer right away!”
A lot of other companies will give you a really high offer to get you on the hook and then later ask for a price reduction after seeing the house. We don’t like playing those games. When we make an offer…that is our offer!

You might have heard, selling your house the traditional way is a quick way to drown in paperwork! At Rework, we do our best to minimize the amount of paperwork you have to deal with. Here is the paperwork we’ll work on together:

Purchase Contract – Our purchase contract is easy to read and understand without big legal words. This is the document we will sign with you when you accept our offer. It outlines the basics such as how much we’re paying for the house and what the closing date is.

Title Documents – Our title company will open escrow and reach out to you for some documents that are required by California for real estate transactions. This can include a copy of your trust or information on any existing loans on the house.

Closing Documents – This is the finish line! These are the final set of documents that finalize the sale. You’ll be able to verify the amount you’re receiving and also give instructions on how you’d like to receive the funds. You can sign them at the title company or have a mobile notary sent to wherever you’d like!

We get it! You may not have your next home lined up and may need to sell your current house first before you can move. That’s why we can do something called a “rent back”. This is when we buy your current house from you and then rent it back to you. That way, you’ll get cash in your pocket to move to your next home. Talk about flexibility!

Renovating and selling a house the traditional way takes a lot of time, money and effort. Here are some things you should keep in mind:

We are professionals: This is what we do all day everyday. We get up in the morning and oversee renovation projects throughout the day and make sure our contractors are showing up and doing the work correctly. Ask yourself “Do I have the time to drop everything and become a project manager right now?

We get things done cheaper: Since we work with the same suppliers and contractors all the time, we get discounts on materials and labor. So if a renovation would cost us $50,000, what could it cost you?

We get things done faster: Since we’ve bought many houses, we’ve developed a process to renovate houses quickly without any delays. So if renovating your house takes us 2 months, it might take you 4 months! That’s 4 more mortgage payments you have to pay during the renovation as well.

This Is How We Calculate Our Cash Offers

Some people think that there is a complex math problem behind our offers. It’s actually quite simple! Here’s how we come up with your offer.

We start with something called ARV (After Repair Value). This is the price your house would sell for on the market after we renovate it.

From the ARV, we have to subtract all of the costs we incur. Like This:

(ARV) – (Repair Cost + Selling Cost + Holding Cost + Profit) = Your Offer Price

Repair costs – The cost of labor and materials to make the house look new!

Selling costs – The cost of paying real estate agents and title fees…The stuff you avoid when we buy from you ;]

Holding Costs – The cost of utilities, builder’s insurance and property taxes.

And of course, since we’d like to stay in business, we need to include a small profit for all the work we’ve done.

That’s all there is to it! To put it simply, your offer will be the market value of your house completely fixed up, minus the costs associated with us bringing the house to its completely fixed up condition and our profit. Want to see how your numbers would look like? Just fill out the form and we’ll show you everything!

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