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We know that a very important benefit sellers just like you look for is a guaranteed sale. The last thing you want is to decide to go with a buyer, make preparations for the sale and the buyer backs out last minute!

We’re proud to have a 100% close rate. That means that we’ve NEVER backed out of a purchase. In fact, every offer we make comes with a $5,000 guarantee. Which means if we sign a purchase agreement with you and we back out of the deal, we pay you $5,000 for wasting your time….of course, this will never happen because once you go with us, you can rest assured that you have a guaranteed sale with a reliable cash home buyer. Ask us how it works!

“Pratik is great to work with. He thoroughly explains everything, is extremely knowledgeable, and makes the process straightforward and easy.”

5 star google reviewer david David. Sacramento, CA

How We Work With Homeowners

From our first phone call to the date of closing, our team’s goal is to provide you with an easy and hassle free home selling process. How exactly do we do this? We cut out all the middlemen such as real estate agents, inspectors, appraisers, loan officers and banks by working directly with the seller (You!) and fund the transaction ourselves.

Also, since we are experienced with home renovation, we know exactly what your home will need and make our offer with all those things in mind. This means our offers are real offers and have no hidden fees and we absolutely will not ask you to do any repairs.

We’ve helped many homeowners in unique situations, so please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your options. Being that we are local and experienced, we can get creative with how we can help you. Whether that means helping you move things into a storage container or helping you find your next home.

You deserve to work with a trustworthy and reliable home buyer. Call us today at (916) 866-3327 or fill out the form!

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